Présentations et visioconférences sans fil

Discover the freedom of InCast HDMI 4K wireless transmission.

Easy to use for secure collaboration!

The InCast 4K wireless transmitter is the ideal tool for your meeting rooms! A single box for a multitude of functions without software installation.

Screen sharing and interaction

Wireless videoconferencing

4K transmission 

No software installation required

Wireless sharing & interaction

Wireless screen sharing

With the InCast wireless 4K HDMI transmitter, simply pair it with your SimplyTab interactive display before connecting it to your PC.

With a click, you can share your computer screen on the interactive display and interact with your team on the shared content for added convenience.

Wireless sharing solutions
Wireless videoconferencing

Secure immersive videoconferencing with 4K HDMI wireless transmitter

Experience your remote meetings on a large screen with optimum audio and video quality.

Simply launch your videoconference from your computer and share your screen. All you have to do is select the equipment connected to the interactive screen (cameras, speakers, microphones) so that you can all attend the videoconference together with the appropriate equipment, managing everything from your PC!

Videoconferencing cameras

Pairing in a flash

1. Pair the transmitter to the interactive screen

2. Connect it to your computer

3. Project your screen and interact with your team from the screen !