Screen mobile stand : the solution for dynamic presentations.

FOR 55" - 65" DISPLAYS

Mobile stand Slim

Mobile stand Slim is suitable for small-format screens in 55″ and 65″. Its light weight makes it particularly easy to move around.


Fixable in 3 heights

Storage shelf

Aluminium stand

For 55“ and 65” screens

Camera support included

FOR 55" - 65" - 76" - 86" DISPLAYS

Mobile stand Air Stand Slim

Slim, elegant stand suitable for 55″ 65″ and 75″ screens. Height-adjustable version available. Its slim, elegant and particularly aesthetic steel design will easily adapt to your environment.

Stylish & elegant

Adjustable to 3 different heights

Storage shelf

For 65“ to 86” screens

Height-adjustable (optional)

Camera support (optional)

FOR 55" - 65" - 76" - 86" DISPLAYS

Motorized mobile stand

The motorized stand adapts to screens ranging from 55″ to 86″.

Motorized and secure, it is particularly recommended for schools thanks to its 50cm adjustable height.

Robust and secure

Motorized with remote control

Ideal for schools

For 55″ to 86″ displays

Height adjustable over 50cm

Optional camera support

FOR 86" - 98" - 110" DISPLAYS

Mobile stand Air Stand

The Air Stand mobile stand is ideal for large screens. Its wide shelf makes it particularly practical for large rooms.

Robust & elegant

Fixable at 3 different heights

Storage shelf

Steel bracket

For screens from 86″ to 110″

Optional camera support