TV, monitor, projector sharing receiver

Screen-sharing box: turn your TVs, monitors and projectors into receivers for your sharing.


Don’t have any interactive screens? Don’t panic, the InCast server is here!

Thanks to this Android box equipped with InCast server, you’ll be able to turn your TVs, video projectors & monitors into receivers for your screen-sharing!

Equipped with InCast server to receive your shares


Multimedia player

No software installation required

Wireless sharing & interaction

Receive your shares on any type of monitor

Reuse your screens

The InCast screen-sharing box makes any HDMI-equipped screen a receiver for your screen-sharing (TV, digital signage screen, monitor, projector).

Bring your old screens back to life by plugging the box into the HDMI socket and using it as a broadcast medium. As if you were using an interactive screen, project the content of your devices from the InCast application and benefit from the full range of InCast server functions on any screen equipped with an HDMI socket.

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TV videoconferencing and projectors

Videoconferencing on your TVs, digital signage screens and projectors

By combining the InCast screen-sharing box with the InCast transmitter, you can enjoy wireless videoconferencing on all your screens without having to install any software.

Wireless sharing solutions