The ultra-versatile 360 videoconferencing camera.


Full HD

Panoramic view

Voice & face tracking

Works with or without software

More than just a 360° camera, your all-in-one ally.

Its incredible versatility ensures a panorama of high-definition sound and images. The 360 videoconferencing camera is your best all-in-one tool.

Equipped with its own speaker and microphones, you won’t need any other equipment for your videoconferences. Its 5m sound pick-up range makes it suitable for small to medium-sized meeting rooms.

4 FHD cameras for distortion-free 360° viewing.

360° speaker with quick & easy USB connection.

LED indicators for 360° voice localization thanks to 4 microphones with noise reduction.

The 360 videoconferencing camera’s many display modes

The 360 videoconferencing camera is ideal for its ease of use and its many display modes, allowing you to adapt it to your room and participants. Its 8 display modes offer a wealth of possibilities.

Plug & Play, simply connect it to your device and you’re ready to go.

Wireless videoconference solution
Aluminium design

A lightweight videoconferencing camera with a sleek design

Its aluminum casing gives it a sleek, lightweight design, making it suitable for use directly on the table or fixed to a tripod, it will adapt to any situation.

Avec logiciel ou manuellement

Artificial intelligence takes over with Studio Camera

With Studio Camera software (which can be installed directly by plugging in the camera), take advantage of its face & voice tracking functions to automatically adjust your shots. With face tracing, take advantage of portrait shots.

You won’t have to worry about a thing!

Voice tracking

The camera automatically adjusts its zoom to the person or persons speaking.

Face tracking

Thanks to face detection, it offers portrait views of each participant.

Angle de vue 360°

Equipped with 4 cameras, it offers a panoramic view without distortion.

FAQ: everything you need to know about the Simplytab 360 videoconferencing camera

What is a SimplyTab 360° videoconferencing camera?

The SimplyTab 360° videoconferencing camera is a device that captures 360-degree video, offering a complete view of the meeting room and ensuring that all participants are visible during videoconferences.

What are the benefits of using a SimplyTab 360° videoconferencing camera?

Benefits include:

  • Full room coverage: Allows you to see all participants without blind spots.
  • Immersive experience: Improves the quality of communication by enabling remote participants to see everything that’s going on.
  • Voice tracking technology: The camera automatically detects the speaker’s voice and adjusts the viewing angle accordingly.
  • Easy installation: Simple connection via USB.

How does voice tracking work on the SimplyTab camera?

The SimplyTab 360° videoconferencing camera features built-in microphones that capture participants’ voices. The camera’s algorithm analyzes these voices to determine who is speaking, and automatically adjusts the viewing angle to focus on the main speaker.

Is the SimplyTab 360° videoconferencing camera compatible with current videoconferencing platforms?

Yes, the SimplyTab camera is compatible with most videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Webex. It connects via USB and is recognized as a standard camera by these applications.

How do I install and configure a SimplyTab 360° videoconferencing camera?

Installing the 360° videoconferencing camera is simple:

  • Connect the camera: Connect it to your device via USB and plug in the power cable.
  • Install the software (optional): Immediately after connecting the 360 videoconferencing camera to your device, you’ll be automatically asked if you’d like to install the Studio camera software. NOTE: the camera can be used without installing the software, but to benefit from voice and face tracking, you’ll need to use the software.
  • Without software installation: It’s perfectly possible to use the 360° videoconferencing camera without software. Simply use the button on the front of the camera to manually change shots and enjoy different panoramic displays
  • Test the connection: Check that the camera is recognized by your videoconferencing application and carry out a call test.

Where can I buy a SimplyTab 360° videoconferencing camera?

SimplyTab 360° videoconferencing cameras can be purchased from authorized dealers.

For more information, please contact the SimplyTab sales team, who will refer you to your nearest reseller at

Are SimplyTab 360 videoconference camera secure?

Yes, SimplyTab cameras incorporate security features such as video and audio data encryption, password protection, and regular firmware updates to ensure protection against vulnerabilities.