Our strength resides in our adaptability. Whether your need to customize your IN’Store or need to create a new solution, we’re are here to support you.

Wirelessly present from any device

Enjoy our E-share application integrated in the Android part of our screens.With this powerful software you can :

  • Project any kind of devices (Android, Windows, Ipad, Iphone) on your interactive screen
  • Simultaneously display up to four devices
  • Annotate directly on your documents from your multi-functional display
  • Control your screen from your telephone, tablet or laptop



Annotate on top of your screen

4-split screen

Project from up to 4 devices on the touchscreen

Touch control

Control the shared content on the screen with wireless touchback


Project the content of any tablet, smartphone or laptop.

For education and business


A powerful whiteboard software is already integrated in the Android system of all the series. Whether at school or in a meeting room you can :

  • Take notes in two different colors using both sides of your high precision magnetic pen
  • Organize meetings with several participants and simultaneously collaborate on the board
  • Interactively involve several students to participate at the same time
  • Insert supports like images to highlight your points
  • Save your brainstorming session or lesson locally or on any USB device in PNG or PDF format


Develop children’s creativity

An easy tool that will help them to participate

Reinforce your teamwork

Enhance collaboration through multiple available tools

Write in x2 colors

Gain in visibility

Save in different formats

Ease of compatibility


Discover the numerous apps available in the screens. Feel free to download and install any of the apps regarding :

  • Education
  • Collaboration
  • Multimedia
  • Design
  • And much more

… over 300 apps at your disposal !

Any app you would like to add to the IN’Store ? Feel free to drop us a line with your suggestion to enrich our applications’ ecosystem ! 


Present with ease

Choose our reliable HDMI transmitter, designed for meeting and presentation. Works with the Eshare software of your touchscreen, without any additional hardware. ​


Two-way interactivity : ​

  • Project and annotate directly on your documents from your multi-functional interactive screen ​
  • Control your MAC or PC from your touchscreen.
Annotate on top of your screen
Project from your mac or laptop
4-split screen


Upload videos with no latency
Control your device from your screen
Works with Wi-fi or hotspot