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Android 14 infrared touchscreen

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Logo SimplyTab Precision PRO

P55IR14 | P65IR14 | P75IR14 | P86IR14

55″ | 65″ | 75″ | 86″

PRECISION PRO infrared interactive display, the best all-in-one compromise.

2x more powerful than the previous generation

Integrated BYOD and BYOM functions

Ultra-comprehensive whiteboard

New customization options, comfort and safety

New design with the iconic SimplyTab carousel!

With its new processor, the PRECISION PRO infrared touchscreen is 2x more powerful!

Front ports USB-C / 2xUSB-A / HDMI / Touch
Magnetic stylus slots
2x16W speakers
Intuitive remote control
2x silent dual-tip styluses
Brightness sensor
Ultra-design brushed aluminium frame

Quad-Core processor

For efficient management of simultaneous tasks

4G de RAM

Fast & fluid execution of your tasks

32G de stockage Android

For storing files and installing applications

Android 14

Equipped with the latest Android

Wifi 6 double antenne 

Operate the hotspot function simultaneously with Wifi

Bluetooth 5.0

Connect your devices and equipment wirelessly

PRECISION PRO 14 infrared touchscreen new features

Software included in your infrared touchscreen


The PRECISION PRO 14 whiteboard is suitable for all uses, whether professional or educational. Take advantage of its many features for effective collaboration and interactive lessons.

Customizable Post-it notes
Organizational charts
Web-based photo and video insertion
Table creation adaptable to content
Comprehensive tool palette
Handwriting recognition
2D and 3D shape creation
Direct access to web browser

Enjoy the power of exchange and collaboration, both in the classroom and remotely.

InCast is included on the Android version of your PRECISIO PRO display, and can be downloaded free of charge to your PC, tablet and smartphone. Enjoy BYOD (wireless presentations) and BYOM (wireless video conferencing) functions, free of charge and without the need for an InCast box.

Thanks to its instant interactivity, you can share your work media between your devices and the infrared touchscreen in no time at all.

Discover all InCast features

InQuiz, the interactive quiz software, is included with all SimplyTab interactive displays to create interactive quizzes and polls to simplify and energize your discussions.

Launch your questionnaire from the infrared touchscreen and answer from your computer or smartphone anywhere in the world.

Learn more about InQuiz