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Get the best of SimplyTab without compromise.

Get the best of SimplyTab without compromise.

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InSignage CMS
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A single CMS software to manage all your screens.
Impactful & digitalized communication

Digital signage displays

InSignage CMS
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The French brand for innovative & sustainable interactive solutions.

At SimplyTab, we develop our interactive digital solutions and support you in your communication and collaboration projects thanks to our complete ecosystem and our strong commitment to service.

Our interactive solutions for collaboration.


From 55″ to 110″, the best in multi-use interactive solutions for effective collaborations.

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Installed in all our interactive screens, to optimize your collaboration.


Boost your interactive screen with our collaboration and conferencing accessories for an optimized experience.

Accessories for interactive displays

Digital signage for your communication.

SOFT | Digital signage software InSignage

Our CMS software to manage your fleet of screens and create a multitude of broadcast campaigns.

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Logiciel d'affichage dynamique avec gestion centralisée des écrans

HARD | Screens & LED for digital signage

Wide range of screens for indoor and outdoor displays, stand-alone, fixed mobile etc.

Digital signage screens & LED

Why ?

Because tomorrow’s world and societies will be increasingly digital and sustainable, SimplyTab facilitates collaboration, communication and access to information with comprehensive interactive solutions.

SimplyTab, la marque de solutions interactives

The SimplyTab difference

Backed by 20 years’ experience in the electronics industry, we work closely with our industrial partners, enabling us to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements.

SimplyTab, a French brand based in Aix-en-Provence with a technical and sales team

Our interactive solutions are designed and developed by our teams in Aix-en-Provence (technical and strategy) and Hong Kong (R&D and design).

We only work with a limited number of ISO-certified industrial partners.

Discover our history

We develop our SimplyTab interactive and digital signage screens and software solutions in-house, and select a range of accessories to provide a complete, mastered product range.

Our R&D and Design teams ensure the development of all our motherboards, and consequently the interfaces and design of our screens.

We develop our own software solutions: from our InSignage CMS digital signage software, to the software used in all our InCast, InQuiz and InBoard interactive displays.
We carefully select all our display components.

Our teams are committed to supporting you in your communication and collaboration projects, throughout the entire customer relationship.

We provide sales and technical training for our resellers.
After-sales service managed by our teams, with a response within 24 hours. We repair 100% of our products: interactive screens, digital signage screens, accessories.
We support you in “project mode” for the development of your specific customer projects.
Our reseller services

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Become a SimplyTab partner

SimplyTab works with a network of resellers across France, Europe and Africa to ensure the distribution of all our interactive solutions to our users.

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