An exceptional tool.

Discover the advantages

SUPREME range, the ultimate solution.


Android 8.0

4Gb Ram, 32Gb flash memory for more fluidity

4K Ultra HD resolution

Display high definition pictures and videos on your screen

Multi-touch interactivity

30 touch points and 10 points writing for a multi-user experience

Frameless design

Flat and smooth surface with a stylish design

Screenshare app included

Built-in Eshare, IN’Board and IN’Vote integrated in all the SUPREME series.

A dedicated built-in app store

Dive into the IN’Store and install any application on the SUPREME display.

SUPREME series, what is it?

The SUPREME series offers screens from 55’’ to 86’’ in 4K ultra high definition. Don’t let its refined design fool you.Combined with our Active Pen and its 4096 pressure sensitivity levels, you will be able to adjust your writing and drawing with a breathtaking precision.Ideal for design and graphic jobs, this touchscreen will also come with powerful OPS together with a range of premium accessories ready to fulfill your most demanding tasks.

Key strengths

Up to 4096 pressure levels
Powerful i5/i7 pluggable OPS-C with independent graphic card for 3D 
Perfect for graphic and design jobs
<1mm High writing precision

Slim and flat design screen

Just like your phone, the SUPREME screen uses the capacitive touch technology, with a borderless, smooth surface, where your pen and finger will glide.

Extreme writing precision

In combination with the Active Pen (sold separately), you can activate up to 4096 pressure levels on the touchscreen and draw lines of different kinds of thickness.

A powerful screen for demanding tasks

With its optional OPS independent Nvidia graphic card, the SUPREME screen will accompany you as far as your imagination can go.

SUPREME SERIES: Choose your screen

From 55’’ to 86’’, choose the right SUPREME screen for your room and your needs. The screens are suitable for rooms with 10 to 40 people, with a distance of 5.6 meters to 7.6 meters from the screen.



10 people

Distance to the screen of >5.6m


20 people

Distance to the screen of >5.6m


35 people

Distance to the screen of >7.1m


40 people

Distance to the screen of >7.6m