When basics meet immersion.


the immersive solution.


Android 8.0

3Gb Ram, 32Gb flash memory for more fluidity.

4K Ultra HD resolution

Display high definition pictures and videos on your screen.

Multi-touch interactivity

20 touch points and 10 points writing for a multi-user experience.

Document annotation

Handwrite on top of
your Excel, PPT, or Word file thanks to our enhanced protocole integration.

Screenshare app included

Built-in Eshare, IN’Board and IN’Vote integrated in all the PRECISION series.

A dedicated built-in app store

Dive into the IN’Store and install any application on the PRECISION display.

3 types of writing recognition

Write using a different color, whether it’s with your finger, a thick head pen or a thin head pen.

WiFi Integrated

“Built-in Wifi” use a wifi signal without the need for additional hardware.

PRECISION series, what is it?

The PRECISION series offers screens from 65” to 86” in 4K Ultra High Definition.  The bonding technology that enables us to eliminate the space between the panel and the writing area creates a “WOW” effect thanks to the enhanced immersion. Boosted with more memory, you’ll be able to unleash your creativity and increase your productivity.

Key strengths

1 mm writing precision

A perfect match for all business needs

Simple i5/i7 pluggable OS
Customized intuitive interface

Sharp and practical design

Made from both aluminium and brushed aluminium, that’s a strong yet refined styled screen. Plus a convenient USB-C.

“WOW” writing effect

Glide on the Precision screen with our new soft surface together with our new bonding technology that eliminate the gap between the panel and the writing area.

New frame, new features

The Precision range is bringing some new fancy tool to its frame by adding a 2 front 15W built-in speakers.

PRECISION SERIES : Choose your screen

From 65’’ to 86’’, choose the right PRECISION screen for your room and your needs. The screens are suitable for rooms with 20 to 40 people, with a distance of 5.6 meters to 7.6 meters from the screen.



20 people

Distance to the screen of >5.6m


35 people

Distance to the screen of >7.1m


40 people

Distance to the screen of >7.6m