simplytab conference speaker

Conference Speaker
Duplex Audio


Discover the SimplyTab multifunctional conference speakerphone to accompany you every day.
Its permanent Audio Duplex between the microphone and the speaker brings a real quality of sound for your team exchanges even at a distance! Its omnidirectional sound pickup has a sensitivity up to 6 meters. The ideal tool for your meetings and conferences.
Equipped with a powerful 6500 mAh battery, recharge your tablets and smartphones several times.
Simplytab Haut-parleur conférence duplex audio blanc
Simplytab Haut-parleur conférence duplex audio étui
Technical sheet

Works with Bluetooth 5.0

Connection range up to 10m

Compact, easily transportable.

Powerful 6500mAh battery to recharge your devices.

simplytab haut parleur recharge

Station de recharge pour téléphone

Charge your phone or tablet super easily with a 6500mAh charging capacity.

simplytab haut parleur duplex audio

Microphone haute résolution 360°

Thanks to its Duplex Audio, communicate wherever you are in the room thanks to its 360° microphone with a sensitivity up to 6m.

simplytab haut parleur étui

Réduction des bruits parasites

With its exclusive noise reduction system, don’t be bothered by background noise and echo.