360° Camera Hub

Ultra versatile. Ergonomic.

360° Camera Hub


Enjoy a total immersion in 1-to-1 or with several people.

360° camera. 360° speaker. 360° microphone. Highly equipped, opt for its sound and image capture on 360 ° and enjoy its operation by Voice & Face Tracking with its many display modes without image distortion.

More than a simple camera, your all-in-one ally.

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4 FHD cameras for a 360° vision without distortion.
360° speaker and quick & easy USB connection.
360° LED voice locator with 4 microphones and noise reduction.

A multitude of display mode.

Angle of view adjustment.

Full HD Resolution

Transportable anywhere

Adjustment of the vertical viewing angle to 60°

Voice detection up to 5m

See all. Hear all.

A panorama of high definition sound and image. Be free to use the camera with or without driver. For a simple use, change the shooting modes manually. A sound recording of all the participants thanks to the duplex of the microphones. Choose to mount your camera on a tripod for a more camera on a tripod for greater control of the shot

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Studio Caméra. Enjoy together.

Studio Camera, the built-in software automatically activated to control the camera from your device and enjoy all display modes and Voice & Face tracking.For even more customization, use the selection tool to choose the area to shoot !

SimplyTab 360° CAmera Hub easy to take away

Design & compact.

Take your camera wherever you go. In brushed aluminum, placed in the center of your board or on a tripod, it will adapt to all situations. Enjoy its features up to 5 meters away.