Discover our classic range, accessible to all.

Essential range, an accessible solution.


Android 8.0

3Gb Ram, 16Gb flash memory for more fluidity.

OPS Possibility

The screen can come with a simple yet resourceful OPS.

Multi-touch interactivity

20 touch points and 10 points writing for a multi-user experience.

Efficient range of screens

From 55’’ to 86’’, the ESSENTIAL screens will fit any of your rooms.

Screenshare app included

Built-in EShare, IN’Board and IN’Vote integrated in all the ESSENTIAL series.

A dedicated built-in app store

Dive into the IN’Store and install any application on the ESSENTIAL display.

ESSENTIAL series, what is it?

The Essential infrared series offers screens ranging from 55’’ to 86’’ in 4K Ultra High Definition. Integrated with a powerful Android operating system, the ESSENTIAL screens are built to bring a simple and intuitive experience to everyone. Thanks to its 2mm writing accuracy, the screens perfectly meet the needs of professionals, providing them with a smooth and comfortable experience.

Key strengths

2 mm writing precision
Perfect for small to medium companies and educational institutions
Simple 7th Generation i5 OPS
Customizable educational software for students and teachers to utilize as a teaching and learning tool

Password protected

Safeguard your personal information. Personalize and protect your data, so only you can access your files.

Multi-touch interactivity

Unleash students' creativity and share ideas simultaneously on your working device with its multi touch points.

Powerful 15W speaker

Optimized audio, it’s got an amazing sound with a clear audio quality.

ESSENTIAL SERIES : Choose your screen

From 55’’ to 86’’, choose the right ESSENTIAL screen for your room and your needs. The efficient range of the ESSENTIAL screens is suitable for rooms with 10 to more than 40 people, with a distance of 5.6 meters to 7.6 meters from the screen.



10 people

Distance to the screen of >5.6m 


20 people

Distance to the screen of >5.6m


35 people

Distance to the screen of >7.1m 


40 people

Distance to the screen of >7.6m