Precision CAP

Interactive capacitive screens from 32 to 43 inches.

Great flexibility to meet your needs.

Intended for professional mobility and design professions
Capacitive touch technology
SimplyTab carousel with exclusive design
Aluminium rimless screen


What is it?​

Precision CAP are small interactive displays with capacitive technology.

Capacitive technology is known for its immersive touch and ultra high precision, and is therefore the most recommended screen technology for graphic professionals (architects, designers, interior decorators, etc.).

Precision CAP screens can also be used in conjunction with large interactive displays.

All Precision CAP screens come with a WiFi key, a wall mount and two passive pens with fine and thick tips.

Why use interactive displays? They allow you to improve your work techniques and facilitate your exchanges by their ability to interact easily with all your devices (smartphone, tablet, PC). Alone or with others, annotate on all types of documents.

Capacitive interactive screens

For professionals for their precision and ergonomics.



Equipped wherever you are
| 32″ | 43″ |


Portrait & Landscape
| 43″ |

Aluminum design.

Without any edge with its aluminum frame, make a sensation with your collaborators and take advantage of its ultra flat design for an ergonomic use.

capacitive interactive screen ultra flat design
32 interactive capacitive screen professional mobility trolley

Suitable for professional mobility.

Screens from 32 to 43 inches adapted to professional mobility, for trainers or professionals on the move. Wherever you are, be equipped with your screen and its accessories. Precision CAP offers real flexibility to adapt to your use.

Suitable for design and creative professions.

With no edges, capacitive displays have an ultra-smooth surface containing 4096 independent contact points to distinguish between finger, pen and palm, making it the most suitable technology for graphics jobs.

Work on your screen with the same peace of mind as you would on any tablet.

capacitive rotatable interactive screen flip
capacitive interactive screen android interface carrousel

Android 8.0 integrated system

An Android operating system for a smooth and intuitive experience allowing the installation of as many applications as desired.
Enjoy the exclusive and customizable SimplyTab carousel.

A powerful whiteboard on Windows.

The InBoard whiteboard is available on all SimplyTab and YOX PC modules. Multifunctional, take advantage of its many features in business and school. Load any type of content, make your annotations on any software and use the many tools available! Save all your sessions in video format or in PDF, JPG, PPT.

Module PC

Nos applications pré-installées sur Android

incast application share screen
incast application on interactive screen

Application to create surveys and quizzes easily and efficiently with one-click results reporting. Both creators and participants have their own management space.

inquiz application survey and quiz creation
inquiz application survey and quiz creation

Sharing application for perfect interactivity between your devices. Share, interact and rate to your heart’s content.

instore application library
instore application library

The application library allows you to download any kind of application to make your interactive screen a real giant tablet.

PRECISION CAP : Choose your screen

Choose the capacitive screen adapted to your space and your needs. The 32″ and 43″ screens are recommended for small rooms of 1 to 8 people for a maximum distance of 5 meters.

Choose your SimplyTab screen


5 people

Distance less than 3m
Mobile & FLIP


5 to 8 people

Distance less than 5m